Add value to your business with Super Digital Menu:

  • Enhance your great dining and drinking experience by providing your customers with the best service through the Super Digital Menu
  • Don't just offer your menu in your digital menu or also known as QR code menu service. Experience the privilege of providing your customers with many features such as customer complaint management and automatic language translation with the Super digital menu.

The Importance of the Super Digital Menu

Sure, here is the translation: Digital menus offer restaurants a hygienic, fast-access, and eco-friendly alternative. They enhance customer experience while providing ease of updating and data analysis.

Get feedback for your restaurant

Feedback improves service quality, ensures customer satisfaction, and enhances business development. It is an essential tool for understanding customer expectations.

Automatic language translation

Automatic language translation facilitates serving multilingual customers in restaurant menus, improves communication, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Why Super Digital Menu?

Start for free

Create your own digital menu in your restaurant or cafe without any hardware or installation costs. Start your free trial.

Always avaliable

Reliable architecture, 24/7 support, and no down-time to keep your restaurant buzzing.

Better for your customers

Well designed and easy-to-use restaurant experience for your customers.

Simple to use

Easy onboarding and clear user-interface to focus more on your business.

Multiple Branch Management

It offers the opportunity to easily manage multiple restaurant branches from a single platform. Ideal for centralized control, menu updates and efficient operations.

15+ Different Language Support

It provides the opportunity to present menus in multiple languages. It increases accessibility for international customers by offering customers a wide choice of languages with automatic language translation.

Bulk Price Update

It provides the opportunity to update the prices of many products at once and quickly. This increases the efficiency of your business and saves time.

Special for your restaurant

It offers the opportunity to harmonize your digital menu with the brand identity of your business. It reflects the unique identity of your business with customization options.

How it works?

Complete the Membership Form

First, complete the partner membership form by clicking on the Become a Partner link.

Complete Onboarding

Complete your onboarding by following the instructions.

Save your menu

Once you're done setting up, add your food and drink menu or contact us for help.

Qr Kodları Masalara Yerleştirin

Print out the QR codes and place them on your tables and your digital menu is ready.

Use Any Service You Want

You can manage other services in the Super Digital Menu as you wish.

One platform for all restaurants

Quick Service

Cafe & Bakery

Fast Casual


Food Truck

Service They Prefer

Digital Menu

Menu Translation

Instant Feedback

POS Ordering System

Full Service

Bar & Nightclub

Casual Dining

Fine Dining

Hotels & Beach

Service They Prefer

Digital Menu

Menu Translation

Instant Feedback

POS Ordering System

Chef izakaya
Central Bar
6:45 Kaybedenler Kulübü
Duca Lounge
Ot Grup

Are you looking for something different?


With Foodie, you can create a custom mobile application for your restaurant and provide your customers with personalized experiences through this application. Additionally, you can organize special loyalty campaigns to increase customer loyalty. This infrastructure not only enables your customers to establish a stronger connection with your restaurant but also allows you to manage customer relationships more effectively. Visit the Foodie website to learn more.

Who are we?

The Super Digital Menu is a SaaS platform that offers digital services for restaurants and cafes, simplifying their business processes. Our journey at Mavigen Digital software company began in 2009, and it continued with the development of the Super Digital Menu. We are a small, dynamic, and young team. In 2023, we started developing the Super Digital Menu and continuously improved our platform based on the feedback we received. Our aim is to increase customer satisfaction by offering customizable digital services to restaurant and cafe owners. We continuously develop new features and innovative solutions to help our customers increase their operational efficiency and gain a competitive advantage in the digital market.

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